February 4, 2016

Photographer Spotlight – Jack Gunter

Meet Jack Gunter, our General Manager and a leading photographer in sports and event imagery.

1) How did you get into photography?
I’ve always enjoyed using cameras to capture memories and re-live the experience and when I was 15 I purchased my first DSLR. This opened up a whole new world to me, allowing me to capture so much more than I was able to with the waterproof compact I had before. Photography quickly became a big passion for me, and wherever I went, my camera came to. I learned mostly from trial and error (not in that order) at first. As I progressed I started reading more online tutorials and working with other photographers, but I have no formal training or education in photography, my degree is in something very different!


2) What’s in your camera bag?
My typical kit consists of:
 – Canon 5D Mark iii
 – Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC USD
– Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II
– Canon 50mm f/1.2L
– Canon 430EX II Speedlite Flash
– Yongnuo Wireless Flash Triggers

3) If you had to choose just a single camera and lens what would it be?
My chosen camera would have to be the Canon 5D Mark iii, it’s just so versatile, good in low light and can be trusted to get the shot! Lens choice is a bit more of a tricky one, but it would probably have the be the 50mm f/1.2L prime. The bokeh on this lens is absolutely beautiful and in low light situations it is brilliant at using the natural light available.

4) What is your favourite photo accessory?
I try and travel light most of the time so using a Joby Gorillapod instead of carrying a regular tripod means I am a lot more mobile. The gorillapod allows me to put my camera or flashes in places that wouldn’t be possible otherwise!


5) What/who inspires your photography?
I spend a lot of time around creative people and fellow photographers and videographers through working with DGTL Concepts so it’s great to be able to share ideas. The Red Bull Illume channel gives me a lot of inspiration particularly when it comes to action and adventure sports photography. If you haven’t seen their content before go and check it out here.

6) What has been your most memorable photography experience?
The job that really stands out for me was getting the opportunity to work at Outlook Festival last summer in Croatia. I went out with a 4-man crew from dgtl concepts on a roadtrip around Europe leading us to visit 10 countries and capture some epic footage along the way! Hopefully next summer we will be heading back to Croatia as the media team for both Dimensions and Outlook Festival (watch this space).9D6A7605

7) What are some of your biggest challenges? How do you overcome them?
As a photographer spending a lot of time outdoors, you never quite know what mother nature is going to throw at you. Electronics don’t mix particularly well with the wind and wet, thankfully weather sealing is getting better with every new mode. But no matter how good manufacturers claim their weather sealing is, it never feels quite right to be exposing thousands of pounds of camera equipment to the elements. Before a shoot, I try and plan shots for every weather and lighting situation.


8) Can you share with us what you are working on right now?
At the moment I am working on putting tender documents together for lots of music and action sports festivals both around the UK and further afield. Event photography is something I really enjoy and would love the opportunity to work at some more large festivals. I am also working on improving my video and editing skills as this is an area in which I currently lack experience and would like to progress in.

9) When you’re not shooting photos you are?
Outside of taking photos I spend a lot of my time in the outdoors, and particularly enjoy whitewater kayaking, climbing and skiing. I always take a camera along to capture these action sports so I’m never too far from a camera.


Check out more of Jack’s work on our website and follow him on Facebook (Jack Gunter Photography) and Instagram (@jack_gunter).

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