January 17, 2018

A New Drone from DJI: Adventure Unfolds, Unfolded.

DJI has released a new teaser video, only a couple of weeks after releasing new camera Gimbals (the Ronin-s and Osmo mobile 2) at CES. This looks set to be a new drone release, with the teaser video featuring a very brief glance at an aerodynamic shape. So what can we expect from this new release?

Possibly the biggest hint as to what this release will be comes from the title, which is an obvious nod to the foldable nature of the Mavic Pro. With this in mind, the Drone DJ site did some digging and found out some interesting clues about the new release. They found a quote from some Australian DJI store employees that correctly predicted the Tello drone, and also contained a prediction for a new ‘Mavic Air’, which would be smaller than the current Mavic Pro while still being foldable.

This kind of smaller, lighter and cheaper drone makes sense for a number of reasons. DJI has products that span the entire range from consumer (Osmo Mobile, Spark) to high end professional (M600, Ronin). Where their drone line is lightest though is ‘high end consumer’ dones (£500-1000) that are small and portable. At one end of the scale you have the Spark, and at the other the Mavic Pro, and a new drone would fit nicely in the middle.

The final piece of evidence pointing towards the Mavic Air being the product to be released is that on the DJI website the URL  redirects to the homepage, while other URLs such as go to 404 error pages. This suggests that they have a microsite ready to go for the new drone, and are just waiting until the launch to make it live.

The Mavic Air perhaps might not on the surface be a useful drone for aerial videography, but we have found the Mavic Pro to be a very useful tool for situations where a bigger drone is not so feasible, or is simply not needed. It’s portability is a huge strongpoint. One possible feature that I think might also be on the new drone is that it may be DJI’s first consumer water resistant drone. The release video strongly runs with the ‘adventure’ theme, and there is a lot of water featured in the video. If this feature does make it onto the drone, it will be a real gamechanger for filming adventure sports etc where the conditions might not be amazing.

Check out our aerial showreel for what we can do with DJI’s current drones!

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